C.A.R.E. Program

Handling Families with C.A.R.E.

Family Promise of Southeast Florida has developed an innovative response to situational family homelessness that recognizes the importance of trauma-informed treatment when working with individuals impacted by homelessness. This holistic approach, infused with C.A.R.E., now serves as a model for the national organization:

  • Counseling: Family members participate in weekly mental health counseling to address trauma as well as learn the coping strategies needed to be self-sufficient.
  • Assessment: Program participants are assessed to determine current mental health needs.
  • Referrals: Clients meet with their case manager weekly to review goals and receive community referrals to facilitate a systems approach to care.
  • Evaluation: Participants are evaluated on a bi-weekly basis to determine progress with goals and to ensure needs are being met.

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